lake with tracks

Today we were planning to go for a tour on our skis. But the ski trails were still not groomed and were much harder to ski on than the ski trails we skied on before. After one descent (and more than 10 consecutive falls) I had to say to Alison she better returned. The hills were too steep for her ability to snow-plough and I didn’t want her to break a something. She decided she’s going to take lessons.

I went on and nearly got lost because I lost my map somewhere. I then followed some of these sleigh tracks but they ended up in terrain that was so narrow that you couldn’t go there with skis. I took them off and walked for a while but couldn’t find the bigger road that should be there in the map in my head. Since the area was really deserted I decided to turn back and follow my tracks back to the other side of the lake were I knew there was a road. All in all it was a really nice experience.